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Environmental Services

Cablesheer is the industry leader in consulting, management, surveying and remedial services, specialising in all environmental concerns. We offer a full spectrum of solutions from initial surveying to expert consultancy, comprehensive management, and effective remediation services. Our dedicated Environmental Division is committed to safeguarding your building environment, ensuring your projects adhere to the highest environmental standards.

Our Services include:

Cablesheer’s Environmental Division is an industry leader in asbestos removal and encapsulation, renowned for its expertise and compliance. Our extensive experience enables us to manage asbestos-related risks swiftly and safely.

Cablesheer’s team of experts offers efficient asbestos reinstatement services, streamlining the process from removal to reinstatement. Our swift action ensures timely results without compromising safety or quality.

Cablesheer’s demolition services are executed with precision and safety. Whether clearing space for new construction, removing unsafe structures, or revamping existing properties, our experienced team ensures efficient and controlled demolition. We prioritise safety, minimising environmental impact, and delivering clean, cleared sites ready for your next project.

As part of our environmental services, we also offer land remediation for areas contaminated with asbestos, foul, and other pollutants. Our expert team is well-versed in the safe and efficient removal and remediation of contaminated soil, ensuring the restoration of a clean and hazard-free environment.

We specialise in comprehensive lead surveying and remediation services. Our team is proficient in identifying lead hazards and implementing effective remediation strategies. By eliminating the risk of lead exposure and ensuring compliance with regulations we prioritise the health and safety of occupants and strive to create lead-free environments that promote the well-being of all.

Soft stripping encompasses the meticulous removal of non-structural elements within a building. Our team efficiently extracts fixtures, fittings, and interior components with precision and care, leaving the structural framework intact. This process is integral to preparing spaces for renovation, refurbishment, or reconfiguration, allowing for seamless and effective subsequent construction or design changes. Cablesheer’s professionals ensure a thorough and precise soft strip, delivering a clean slate for your projects.

A Dedicated Team of Experts

We offer comprehensive solutions for various environmental hazards, making us the preferred choice for both public and private sector clients. Our dedication to quality and compliance is evident through our top positions in prominent frameworks, further reflecting our commitment to excellence. We prioritise strong client relationships, emphasising open communication, trust, and transparency while consistently investing in technology and staff training to maintain the highest service standards. Our comprehensive suite of tailored environmental services extends beyond asbestos management, addressing the unique needs of every project.


Explore Cablesheer’s comprehensive portfolio of Environmental projects. Uncover the breadth and depth of our experience and dedication in delivering exceptional solutions for all environments.

Cablesheer has been one of our framework-licensed asbestos removal contractors for many years. They service several of our extremely busy workstreams, ensuring that all KPIs are met to assist with planned and responsive work.
Cablesheer has a dedicated project team that is always on call to assist with all scenarios and quickly resolve any issues that may arise. In the event of any emergencies, Cablesheer is incredibly responsive in attending the site to undertake the necessary remediation with the contracts manager always available to provide further guidance and assistance.”
– Peter Notley, A2dominion

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